About Us

About Us

The Maryland Education Credit advocates are dedicated to ensuring that every student in Maryland has access to high-quality, diverse, and affordable educational opportunities. We believe that it is imperative to build and sustain an array of resources for Maryland's elementary and secondary students, so that every family can provide the best possible education to their children.

Our mission is to strengthen the partnership between Maryland’s business and education communities, in order to generate new resources and opportunities for public and nonpublic school students. Support from businesses allows schools and nonprofit educational organizations to grow and improve their programs. In turn, excellent education systems help businesses thrive by attracting new residents to the community and producing a well-trained workforce.

Please visit our Facts & Resources page in order to find out why Maryland's children need and deserve an education tax credit.

Please also share this information sheet with your friends, family, co-workers and this informative flyer with your school.

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