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UPDATE: Maryland Legislature Fails to Move the Maryland Education Credit in the 2014 Legislative Session

The Maryland Education Credit (SB 633 / HB 1262) was again held by Maryland General Assembly, despite widespread support and bipartisan co-sponsorship of 63 legislators.

The bill would have provided up to $15 million in tax credits for businesses who donated money to nonprofits for educational expenses, including as much as $9 million for tuition assistance and other expenses for students at nonpublic schools.

Click here to join our Legislative Action Network, which will allow you to contact your legislators in order to express support for this legislation, which is imperative to the continued success of Maryland's education system.

Maryland Education Credit

Maryland legislators have introduced legislation to promote business investment for the benefit of all of Maryland's students and families. The Maryland Education Credit will provide a tax credit to business that donate to nonprofit organizations that support public and nonpublic school students.

Quality Education for All!

The Maryland Education Credit will provide families assistance with:

  • Scholarships and tuition
  • Academic tutoring
  • Textbooks and school supplies
  • Computers and technology
  • Services for special needs students
  • Transportation

How will the Maryland Education Credit benefit businesses?

People often ask "Don't businesses already get a tax write-off for scholarship donations?" or "What's the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit?" CLICK HERE to see the benefit provided to Maryland's business community for their investment in education.

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