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Maryland Legislature Passes New Scholarship Program for Students to Attend Nonpublic Schools!
Maryland Education Credit

Maryland legislators have introduced legislation to promote business investment for the benefit of all of Maryland's students and families. The Maryland Education Credit will provide a tax credit to business that donate to nonprofit organizations that support public and nonpublic school students.

How will the Maryland Education Credit benefit businesses?

People often ask "Don't businesses already get a tax write-off for scholarship donations?" or "What's the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit?" CLICK HERE to see the benefit provided to Maryland's business community for their investment in education.

Education Tax Credit: Maryland Statewide Voter Poll
November 2015

Polling shows strong statewide voter support for the legislative proposal for the Maryland Education Tax Credit. Almost 7 out of every 10 voters support the proposal, and place great value on its potential to expand educational opportunities for lower- and middle-income families.
Click here to read a comprehensive summary of the polling results.

Also: Read press release here.

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