Take the Maryland Education Credit PLEDGE!

For the 2015-16 school year, all nonpublic school parents, teachers and others within our school communities to “pledge” a few minutes of their time during legislative session to urge our state legislators to enact the Maryland Education Credit.

What are you "pledging"?

By “pledging”, we’re merely asking you to complete the quick and easy steps below during the January - April legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly:

1. Press the "PLEDGE TO TAKE ACTION HERE" button above and input the required registration information for the Legislative Action Network. Please note that your information will not be used for any purpose other than this pledge and initiative.

2. At the commencement of the Maryland General Assembly legislative session in mid-January, you'll be emailed a pre-drafted letter to forward to legislators, asking them to CO-SPONSOR (give their support to) the bill. You may also receive a limited amount of useful information about advocacy events or our campaign.

3. Around the time that a committee hearing is held in each of Maryland’s legislative chambers, the Senate and the House of Delegates, you’ll again receive a pre-drafted letter via email to forward to legislators, asking them to support a FAVORABLE COMMITTEE VOTE on the bill.

4. When the bill is passed through its respective committees and onto the Senate or House floor, you’ll receive one last pre-drafted letter via email urging legislators to vote YES in order to GIVE KIDS THE CREDIT!

5. [OPTIONAL] Get others in your family, workplace and community to take the Pledge. You can also make additional calls and/or letters requesting the support of your legislators. Both of these are highly encouraged!

Did You Know?

The proposed Maryland Education Credit legislation would increase tuition assistance for nonpublic school families by providing a state tax credit to businesses who donate to scholarship organizations. The proposal has wide bipartisan support and would also help Maryland’s businesses to grow. Most importantly, it could help you and the families currently at your school with the costs of their children’s education and make private education more affordable for so many families who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

THE BOTTOM LINE: this legislation benefits of your school and its families. The tuition assistance provided by the Maryland Education Credit would be an immense increase in the financial health of all of our schools, helping to tackle two of our greatest concerns, affordability and enrollment.

Please pledge your support and just a few minutes of your time to this initiative today!

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